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2023/2024 Reflection So Far

With the season up and running, our Dragons sat down and reflected on what has been a difficult start to the season.

2023/2024 Reflection So Far

By Lucy Jones

After a disappointing start to the 23/24 season, what are your thoughts after reflecting on the last three games?

"Losing football games can be difficult to handle, especially if the team has worked hard and put in a lot of effort. It can be hard to accept the defeat, and it can be difficult to stay motivated."

"However, as a team despite how tough its been on us as the players and on the coaching staff, we know we can and must perform better to compete in this league. The standards are very high and we just haven’t reached that standard which we know as a team we can perform at!"

"We know the best way to bounce back from losing is to stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and strive to do better next time."

Captain Holly Broad’s absence after injury, how has that had an impact on the team?

"Yeah, it was tough to see your captain be out with an injury and never nice to see, but she’s been a great support off the field and helping us through each week while out with her injury, which just shows the togetherness of this team!"

Swansea away is your next fixture how are you as a team going to bounce back and prepare for that game?

"I think as a team we will reflect on our game Sunday against Aberystwyth and then as a team, we will work hard and prepare for the next game! Ponty is a great team to be a part of and I have no doubt we can bounce back from this and put in the work in training, which we will then hopefully see reflect in our Sunday performance!"

Ponty has seen a few players depart this season but also seen a lot of new faces arrive how has this made an impact on the squad?

"The departures of some key players has been difficult for the squad to adjust to, but the new arrivals have done their best to fill the gaps and help the team find a new identity. The new players have brought a fresh energy and great depth to to the squad. The team has worked hard to gel together quickly and the new signings have been an important part of that process."

What’s next for this Ponty team?

"As a team we are chasing that first win. We have expectations to be in the top four this season, so every game we go into is important. We need to secure that first win to ensure we don’t have the same heartbreak from last year! As a team we know people shouldn’t write us off yet, we know we can be better and each week we are determined to work hard, perform and get the result that we deserve!"

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