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To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we caught up with Pontypridd Town Women’s manager Fern Burrage-Male to find out what IWD means for her….


What does IWD mean to you?

For me it’s a day for us to celebrate success and the achievements of women in all fields – but it also celebrates the journey women have been on, raising awareness about all the challenges that women in history have overcome for women in the future.

Can you tell us about a female who inspires you in your life?

I’m lucky to have some incredible women around me, but thankfully one of my biggest inspirations agreed to marry me! My wife Ria is truly someone who inspires, challenges, and drives me to be better in everything I do. She is incredibly talented and ambitious but also puts her whole heart in to all she does, whether that be in work, family life or personally.

Who are your female inspirations in the footballing world?

There are lots to be honest, you look at the US Women’s football players who have been fighting for equal pay for so many years. The players who have now moved in to commentating after playing and are pushing the boundaries for women not only to be seen and heard but on our TV’s/Radios on merit, because of their football knowledge. Coaches like Jill Ellis, Laura Harvey, Emma Hayes – all doing unbelievable things for the game, which as a result will be even better for future females.

What changes have you seen as a woman in football since you began your playing/managing career?

We’ve made great steps and continue to move in a positive forward direction – that above all is else, is most pleasing. There are always instances that let us down but importantly, young females can now see what a future in sport could look like for them. There are many roles, not just playing that woman can fulfil in football and we need to continue to push boundaries; be seen; be heard; not settle for less or inequality or bias. We should also champion each other and IWD should be just that, a day to celebrate us all!

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