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10 Year anniversary

Michelle Pervin Davies

18 Oct 2021

We celebrate Fern Burrage-Male and her 10years with our brilliant club...

It's not often you hit such big milestones with a club, so we wanted to celebrate Fern and all she has done for this amazing club...

We reached out to players and staff (past and present) to get their thoughts on the impact Fern has had on them...

'Fern’s a strong leader, a passionate coach (and player) and a top top person! It’s an absolute privilege to have both played alongside her and been coached by her! We’re extremely thankful to have had Fern at this mighty club for 10 years!' - Clare Daley-Smith (Player) #PutSomeJamOnIt

'Fern’s an amazing coach. She inspires people of all ages to push themselves to be the best they can be. Fern makes people believe and feel part of a brilliant club and the process, every player wants to give her 100%. I feel privileged to be a part of the amazing club she has built' - Alison Witts (Player)

'Fern is the most intelligent coach I have ever worked with, she is without doubt, the reason I regained my love for football and why I'm missing being a part of this season so much' - Naomi Grant (Player)

'Fern was the reason that I joined Cyncoed/Pontypridd Town. I was ready to stop playing football altogether…I’m now in my 7th season at the club! A personable, driven, talented person and coach - she’s the glue that holds us all together and pushes us to achieve.
Fern continues to inspire me and everyone involved in the team on a daily basis. Her passion for developing women’s football in Wales is second to none and we’re extremely lucky to have her as our leader at Pontypridd Town AFC Women' - Holly Broad (Player)#wonderwoman

'In the short time I’ve been coached by Fern I’ve learnt so much! The impact she’s had on myself alone has been huge, she has brought back my love for playing football!' - Renee Day (Player)

'Fern has had a massive impact on me to trusting me and bringing me in and believing in me, which really gives me a lot of confidence' - Anais Trinci (Player)

'I wouldn’t still be playing football if it wasn’t for Fern. Her support and motivation throughout my 5 years at the club is what’s kept me going. By far the best manager I’ve ever and will ever play under' - Caitlin Bevan (Player)

‘Fern has had an amazing impact on me and my football as she always makes sure my confidence is always high and to always keep my chin up’ - Millie Jones (Player)

'Fern is a great coach and motivator who’s helped me to improve my game over the last 3 seasons. She allowed me the opportunity to jump from junior football to senior at the age of 15 which is something I will forever be grateful for' - Ellie Gunney (Player)

'Fern has been so supportive of me since I joined the club and has really given me the opportunity to develop as a player. She is both a great player and coach, and is a role model to us all' - Olivia Barnett (Player)

'Although I haven't been with the Club long, Fern has had a massive impact on my confidence and aiding me to love football again, would just like to Thank you Boss' - Jasmine Simpson (Player)

'I’m proud to know ‘Super Fern’ as she is not only an amazing knowledgeable football person but a first class human. Pontypridd Town AFC are fortunate to have such as talented driven person leading our women’s team and I look forward continuing to work hard in supporting Fern and the women’s section in realising our clubs ambitions' - Steve Savage (Director of Football PTAFCM)

'Fern has been excellent to work with, working together leading the Women’s team during the interim period in 2020 & more recently as fellow head coach at Pontypridd Town AFC.
Fern’s ability to develop relationships with players, coach & develop off field elements makes her unique. Fern is a real asset to Pontypridd Town AFC and I look forward to continuing to work together' - Jonathan Jones (First Team Manager PTAFCM)

'Even as a player Fern showed why she would make such a successful and respected manager. Whilst others got flustered and angry, she always had a grounded, analytical and balanced view of any situation. She is dependable, and trustworthy. You can always rely on her. Ultimately, without her ever being crediting for it, she's was just as much a player-coach as she was a player during the early years of Cyncoed. Without her input and knowledge off the field (as well as on the field) in those early days, the club wouldn't be where it is today ' - Michael Hodge (Former First Team Manager Cyncoed Ladies)

'There are so many positive things I could say about Fern. Anyone who knows her will tell you just how brilliant she is, and we are incredibly lucky to have her at our club. She is an inspirational woman, a true leader, and a great manager. But the one thing I love most about Fern is that she makes me strive for value not individual successes.' - Kirstie Pervin-Davies (Player) #10YearClub

'For me there is no one better than Fern, she is an inspiration to work with and someone who constantly goes above and beyond to make this club a better place. Not only is she a talented player and manager, but she is an all around great person who I hope to continue working with for many years to come' - Michelle Pervin-Davies (Head GK Coach PTAFCW) #10YearClub

'Fern has has a huge impact on my confidence and self belief already! It's the happiest I've been in football' - Alana Murphy (Player) #Shmurf

'Fern has and continues to be an absolute asset to our club. All the best memories throughout those 10 years have Fern in them on and off the pitch. A great player, a great coach. A harder working person for our game you will not meet. And she's my mate. Happy anniversary Fern - you legend' - Kerry Moore (Committee Member)

'The best women coach I’ve worked under. She has the biggest impact on players' - Jessica Osborne (Player)

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