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M.11 - 21/2022 Season

Pontypridd United

Barry Town United

By Eloise Martin


On Thursday evening Pontypridd were at the top of their game winning them a well-deserved three points. Goals came from Robyn Pinder and two from Alana Murphy. The game sealed off the first run of matches and the dragons were thrilled to end on a high. Pontypridd got off on the right foot when Robyn Pinder secured an early goal in the 7th minute! A ball from Anais Trinci found Alison Witts down the right-hand side. She then crossed it into Robyn Pinder whose strike found the back of the net.

The game was head-to-head and two minutes later goalkeeper Maisie Jones found herself 1v1 with the opposition making a save with a low block.

The linkup between Carys Bufton and Alana Murphy down the left-hand side created some impressive chances but Barry Town United reaped the benefits of their own efforts when in the 26th minute they found an equaliser scored by Manon Pearce.

The Dragons remained determined with a chance only three minutes later. Robyn Pinder crossed the ball to Alison Witts who put the ball through to Alana Murphy who poked it into the back of the net, but it was called offside.

The remaining minutes of the first half were neck and neck just before the half time whistle Carys Bufton took a strike from outside of the box but it was just over the crossbar. Both teams went in equal at half time with a score line of 1-1.

Momentum from Pontypridd carried into the second half, Robyn Pinder had the first shot, but it was just wide of the goal. The linkup between midfield and the forwards was key in this game creating the Dragons countless scoring opportunities. Then 16 minutes into the second half Alana Murphy regained Pontypridd Town’s lead! Alison Witts latched on to Robyn Pinder’s cross striking the crossbar. The ball bounced back down and after a scrap in the box, Alana Murphy was able to shoot the ball home much to the Dragon’s delight!

The game was still back and forth, and Barry Town United were creating their own chances too, but Pontypridd kept the pressure on. A counterattack from Barry’s corner found Alana Murphy who put Anais Trinci through on goal, but the ball was cleared by the keeper. In the 74th minute Alana Murphy doubled the Dragons lead with a low strike on the edge of the penalty box after a cut back from Olivia Barnett! Into the last 15 minutes of the match the play remained fast paced and the Dragons wrapped up the game well creating goal scoring opportunities up to the 90th minute. A brilliant all-round team performance for Pontypridd! A very happy Fern Burrage-Male gave us her post match thoughts: “I am so happy for the girls they have been due this win, the way they played football tonight was a beauty to watch” “The fact we could get three goals at home with a nice crowd it is brilliant”

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11 November 2021 at 19:45:00

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